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Savons De luxe

An innovative assortment of luxury personalized soaps IMPRESSED WITH YOUR OWN NAME or MESSAGE as per YOUR order.
Available in Cream, Cologne, Lavender, Rose, Saffron and Strawberry Variants.

Fantassy Cream Soap is enriched with excellent moisturizing extracts to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it smoother. It replenishes moistness to the skin that is lost due to the harmful effects of the environment and keeps you fresh.

Fantassy Cologne Soap supplemented with germ combaters helps prevent unhealthy elements from attacking your body. Its crisp fragrance keeps you deodorized and hygienic throughout the day.

Fantassy Lavender Soap is enriched with rose extracts and milk which nourish your skin to keep it glowing. It comes with vitamins that prevent the skin from developing patches and acts as a natural emollient to soothe the skin.

Fantassy Saffron Soap is augmented with real saffron and almond oil. Saffron is therapeutic and its combination with almond oil balances skin tone to give a clear glowing complexion and make bathing a truly divine experience.

Fantassy Strawberry Soap is infused with anti-ageing vitamins and strawberry extracts. It helps in reducing visible signs of ageing and keeps you forever young. It helps in exfoliating and improves skin firmness.

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